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Super Juice Me! 2 Juices a Day for the Whole Family

Part of the basis in the vegan lifestyle is to choose a clean way of eating. Even if you are tired of reading the following sentence, we are putting it here anyway: you are what you eat. This doesn’t only apply to eat organic foods in order to have better health but also works to remind ourselves how we are poisoning our bodies with chemical-altered foods. In this matter, Super Juice Me! is an outstanding exercise. This documentary by Jason Vale gets us closer to a group of people suffering from terrible health conditions. It isn’t about the development of their illnesses, like the documentary this title mocks, but to observe how clean eating can reverse the process that’s killing...

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Planning Your Next Vegan Holiday

Anxiety, stress, and dread: feelings that some people may experience when planning their next trip. Indeed, planning a holiday trip can be a highly stressful situation, where many factors must be taken into consideration in order to have a satisfying experience. This is especially true for vegan travelers, users that may feel to have things against them when it comes to going on vacations. Vegan options on the road continue to be limited these days. From hotels and resorts to restaurants and activities, the offer for vegans continues to be quite scarce. However, there are fantastic opportunities to have a great time for those who do their homework and dig on the big pile of information available online. Today, we...

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Veganism On Board: Our Vegan Options When Flying These Days

Airline meals are an infamous topic to chat about. Most of them can be quite disappointing, something that becomes even truer when it comes to plant-based, vegan meals. That’s the unfortunate reality that we live these days. Vegans who travel often, even in long-distance flights, know well how bad it can get with airline meals. But there is a silver lining: Times are changing and veganism is becoming more and more common all around the world. This reality is affecting airlines as well, leading them to invest more in satisfying services for vegan users. So, what are our options today in term of vegan meals on board? Are vegan business people who often fly short-haul doomed to eat whatever the...

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How to Explain Veganism to Your Children?

When parenting, explaining difficult concepts to our kids (as race, politics or sexuality) is one of the most difficult things to do. This is true for many subjects but vegan parents may find additional challenges. How could you explain veganism to your children without confusing them more? How to make them understand this without exposing them to harsh realities they may not be ready to know? Veganism should be explained in the kindest yet most practical way possible. Our children must be able to understand why their parents have chosen this lifestyle even if the alternatives seem more appealing, like eating meat or drinking sugar-packed sodas. As a vegan parent, you must not expect your kids to figure veganism out...

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Vegan Schools: Where This is Happening, How They Work, and Anything Else You Need to Know

These are great days for vegan parents who are sharing this lifestyle with their kids. More and more schools are jumping onto the wagon of sustainability and a greener nutrition. This is remarkably good news that most parents cheer on. There are regular schools where meat and highly processed foods continue to be served to kids. Then we have other schools that decided to implement vegan dishes on their menus. Finally, we have a thin margin where 100% vegan schools are emerging in full force. This is the reality we have right now and should be glad for it. However, there are many questions that continue to be unanswered. The shift is happening but taking its time, especially in the...

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