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Veganism and Eating On a Budget: Does It Cost More?

The whole vegan community seems to live by a motto that is not appealing nor benefiting to the cause: being part of veganism is pricey. Those who are both in and out this lifestyle believe that having a vegan diet is going to be dramatically costlier than the meaty option. However, this isn’t an absolute truth. In terms of money, being a vegan isn’t necessarily pricier. Maybe it could require an extra effort from our end in order to put it all together but setting a financial barrier is just unnecessary drama. In the following lines, we will prove to you that you can easily join the vegan revolution without breaking the bank. We’ll show you the way of a...

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Vegans in the Workplace: Companies Offering in Meals and Snacks

As an incentive for workers, many companies have an interesting offering in meals and snacks. This isn’t only an amenity but a significant productivity-booster strategy: workers who are well fed and have all the needed nutrients are happier and perform better. For example, we can now see many organizations, even small companies with more limited budgets, offering fruits to employees as mid-day snacks. Without question, this is a fantastic idea. There is also a more traditional option, which is more often found at bigger companies: a cafeteria where every worker can have his or her lunch, bringing their meals from home or purchasing it in-house. So far, we see no issues here. However, the challenges arise when it comes to...

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Veganism On Board: Our Vegan Options When Flying These Days

Airline meals are an infamous topic to chat about. Most of them can be quite disappointing, something that becomes even truer when it comes to plant-based, vegan meals. That’s the unfortunate reality that we live these days. Vegans who travel often, even in long-distance flights, know well how bad it can get with airline meals. But there is a silver lining: Times are changing and veganism is becoming more and more common all around the world. This reality is affecting airlines as well, leading them to invest more in satisfying services for vegan users. So, what are our options today in term of vegan meals on board? Are vegan business people who often fly short-haul doomed to eat whatever the...

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