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Planning Your Next Vegan Holiday

Anxiety, stress, and dread: feelings that some people may experience when planning their next trip. Indeed, planning a holiday trip can be a highly stressful situation, where many factors must be taken into consideration in order to have a satisfying experience. This is especially true for vegan travelers, users that may feel to have things against them when it comes to going on vacations. Vegan options on the road continue to be limited these days. From hotels and resorts to restaurants and activities, the offer for vegans continues to be quite scarce. However, there are fantastic opportunities to have a great time for those who do their homework and dig on the big pile of information available online. Today, we...

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Vegan Resorts: A Real Trend that is Booming

Vegans love to travel. We want to know new places, especially when they allow us to get closer to nature. Go camping or staying at a cabin in the woods, for example, getting far away from the city can be really exciting. However, when traveling with our partners or families, enjoying our vacations at a fancy resort sounds appealing as well. But what about vegan resorts? Are these a valid option? The concept of the vegan resort has been growing over time, now becoming a steady trend among vegans and curious travelers who dare to try new things. In the following lines, we’ll talk about the vegan resorts trend, the food, activities, and how this has become an option for...

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