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Veganism and Eating On a Budget: Does It Cost More?

The whole vegan community seems to live by a motto that is not appealing nor benefiting to the cause: being part of veganism is pricey. Those who are both in and out this lifestyle believe that having a vegan diet is going to be dramatically costlier than the meaty option. However, this isn’t an absolute truth. In terms of money, being a vegan isn’t necessarily pricier. Maybe it could require an extra effort from our end in order to put it all together but setting a financial barrier is just unnecessary drama. In the following lines, we will prove to you that you can easily join the vegan revolution without breaking the bank. We’ll show you the way of a...

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The Sainsbury’s/Asda Merger and Veganism: What You Need to Know

As a vegan in the UK, you’re probably wondering where is the best place to get fresh, healthy products from a legit and transparent eco-friendly origin. Generally, supermarket chains do a below-average job satisfying the demands of vegan customers, who require top-quality products. The search for this may result in an endless task, something we vegans know from experience. That’s why when the recent Sainsbury’s/Asda merger went public, even vegans felt like this news would affect them somehow. Would such move benefit the clients who prefer clean eating and conscious products? These UK chains are big enough to make us think about the ways they influence our shopping habits and preferences. We’re always expecting changes that make life easier for...

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