The Vegan Lifestyle: Does It Really Make a Difference?

It’s a common topic for some vegans to question the impact they are causing in the world through their own personal choices. At the end of the day, we may feel small and powerless when comparing ourselves to billion-dollar marketing powerhouses that sell products like meat and leather.

Some wonder if turning into veganism or choosing eco-friendly clothing and accessories from now on will really make a difference in the society they live in. It’s hard to tell: a single person will not change how the industry operates. It isn’t likely. Nonetheless, while it’s hard to see and feel the impact we make in the world through our personal beliefs, it doesn’t mean we are doing nothing valuable or useful to help.

The motivation behind many who choose to go vegan is the potential impact they may cause in favour of animals and the environment as a whole. But in the moment we lose sight of the bigger picture, that motivation starts to fade away. This is a dangerous moment in the life of young vegans.

If you are wondering about the difference you are making as a vegan, feel free to stick with us. In the following lines, we’ll address how vegans do make a difference in the society we live in.

Just Remember

Vegan LifestyleWhy did you become a vegan in the first place? What were you thinking when you chose the eco-friendly fabric over leather? What was the motivation behind picking the salad over the hamburger? If we ask this to the vegan community out there, the answers will greatly vary.

Some may say that they are doing it because they want to improve their health. Others only care about fighting the cruel food industry that slaughters billions of animals every year. And there is another group where a mix of reasons can be found; they mix a few of these reasons to create their own personal philosophy towards veganism.

You maybe saw a documentary about a species that is becoming endangered and exposed to the possibility of extinction due to its industrial exploitation. Or maybe it was a film about the unconscious destruction of South American rainforests.

The actual reason doesn’t really matter. What it does matters is the attention you are investing in this problem. You begin to make a difference at the moment you pay attention and take a stance. Even before switching diets, your serious consideration regarding this matter is providing massive value to the movement.

The Change Within

The classic excuse non-vegans use is that they cannot change the world on their own. They always claim that a single person is not capable of producing a substantial change in the world.

While this may be true to some degree, we need to realize two things. First, we must choose to be part of the solution and act accordingly. This means taking a stance even when others around you will not, at least in the short term. Second, it’s fundamental to realize that the biggest changes in the history of our society had begun with individual rebellion. Yes, many times in our history, huge changes were promoted by highly decided and convinced individuals who took action and behaved differently to others.

While the existence of this doubt is completely justifiable and rational, we must realize that it shouldn’t prevail too much time in our mind. Every single vegan and eco-friendly consumer is providing value to the world, eroding the ordinary yet malicious ways many industries work.

The Social Factor

Another important part of being a satisfied vegan, which includes not doubting your personal choice, is to promote the lifestyle to others you care about. No, we are not referring to forcing your friends and family to become vegans. This is a sure shot to drive everyone crazy and sabotage your precious relationships.

Instead, we are referring to kindly share your thoughts about veganism within your circles and try to inspire others through example. It isn’t about forcing things, a tactic that often leads to disaster. Instead, care about making a great job being a vegan and sharing the nourishing experience with others. This can organically promote the lifestyle among your circles and cause a real, visible impact.

Going the Extra Mile

Are you willing to fight for the vegan lifestyle and everything that it represents? Environmental activists and cruelty-free advocates are some of the most energetic and passionate people around. They materialize their wishes of making the world a better place by creating groups and leading them to change.

They don’t wait for politicians to take action or companies to become conscious about the environment or the pain animals suffer every day. Instead, they take the problem in their own hands and transform the adversity in opportunity for improvement.

Of course, saying “going the extra mile” is nothing compared to what they actually do. Some of this people are full-time on these activities. However, you can perfectly get involved and add value to different movements and communities. Being a vegan puts you closer to these activities and give you the perfect alternative to speak up and materialize that long-lasting difference that you may be ignoring today.

The Bottom Line: You Are Here and You Are Making a Difference

Every single person who becomes a vegan is providing value to the lifestyle, putting her two cents to the movement. Change is already happening and it was possible thanks to every single person who decided to make the switch.

This same doubt is stopping millions around the world, keeping them away from making that big, life-changing change. They could experience better health and a cleaner conscience but this irrational doubt is keeping them from doing so.

If you are already a vegan, if you eat and shop consciously, realize that you are responsible for the moral change the society is experiencing today. You are building a better world, small choice after small choice, where people live without destroying the only planet they have and without causing harm to other living beings. YOU are making a difference!

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