Veganism and Eating On a Budget: Does It Cost More?

The whole vegan community seems to live by a motto that is not appealing nor benefiting to the cause: being part of veganism is pricey. Those who are both in and out this lifestyle believe that having a vegan diet is going to be dramatically costlier than the meaty option. However, this isn’t an absolute truth.

In terms of money, being a vegan isn’t necessarily pricier. Maybe it could require an extra effort from our end in order to put it all together but setting a financial barrier is just unnecessary drama.

In the following lines, we will prove to you that you can easily join the vegan revolution without breaking the bank. We’ll show you the way of a sustainable vegan nutrition without spending that much.

Making the Effort: Eating at Home

Above we mentioned, in terms of money, eating vegan isn’t pricier. However, in terms of effort invested, this lifestyle may require a little more from us.

It’s true that vegan restaurants are often too fancy, driving us away. These places are trendy and most of them don't represent an affordable option yet. What this means is that we have to step away from eating out and sticking with home-made vegan food.

Accepting this is especially hard if you aren’t used to cooking. As a newcomer in the vegan lifestyle, clean cooking may seem even harder. This doesn't have to be the case either. The only thing you need is to adopt new cooking habits and get some healthy recipes on the fly.

By eating at home and taking home-made meals to class or work, you’ll be saving a significant amount of money every month. The check when eating out can be disproportionated, something that is especially true when it comes to vegan food.

Skip the Industry, Go Straight to the Source

Cost of Vegan DietSorry, but your next-door supermarket with thousands of products cannot beat the local farmer who sells organic food. While organic food stores in the city can be quite expensive (way more than the supermarket, of course), going straight to the source could be the solution.

Outside every city, you can find farmer’s markets with fresh vegetables and fruit that come straight from their own fields. They produce and sell, no intermediaries that force the price up. Also, we are getting only the freshest food.

Yes, this may take some of your time: traveling outside the city and visiting a market to get your fresh vegetables. However, the benefits are huge. We are not only talking about the potential savings but the quality of the food you will be enjoying. Cheap and organic, the very best of both worlds.

Get in Bulk When Possible

Another tactic that seasoned vegans use is getting food in bulk when possible. Indeed, "buying food in bulk" may sound like getting processed foods with preservatives and added sugars at the near supermarket. However, this is not the case. Think of products like vegetable snacks and vegan foods and desserts.

If you share the lifestyle with a close friend, propose him to buy foods in bulk for both and then dividing the purchase. You will get the bulk discount without storing more food than you need for the month.

Be Smart When Setting Up Your Diet

Of course, there are some foods that are considerably cheaper than other, even in the vegan lifestyle. Take into consideration legumes and domestic fruits. Getting a pound of black beans, for example, will be always cheaper than a pound of meat.

This indisputable fact is proof that you can provide your diet with nutrient-rich foods without breaking the bank. The same happens with fruit, which is the ideal dessert for the vegans out there.

Leave the Optional Ones Out

There are vegans who spend a fortune on some foods that are considerably expensive yet totally optional. A good example of this is nuts and seeds. Truth be told, you can build up a solid, comfortable diet without these foods.

If you consider that a food could be optional in terms of nutrition and it’s too expensive, leave it aside for now. Buy these foods only when there is money to spare. On the contrary, be savvy and leave them behind for later.

Realize that You Are Saving Money In the Long Term

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is to nourish the body in a way it will appreciate. Saturated fats and added sugars are killing us softly, not even mentioning the unconsciousness and lack of ethics in the food industry.

When you eat well, you are saving money on health care in the long term. You will be healthy longer, avoiding issues that may lead you to hospitals and costly treatments. That money you think you’re saving now by buying cheap food at the supermarket around the corner is going away in the moment you get sick, putting your life at risk at the same time.

When it comes to veganism, eating on a budget, and costs, it comes down to perspective. Choose how you do want to see things and find the best way to live a fulfilling life.

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