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How to Explain Veganism to Your Children?

When parenting, explaining difficult concepts to our kids (as race, politics or sexuality) is one of the most difficult things to do. This is true for many subjects but vegan parents may find additional challenges. How could you explain veganism to your children without confusing them more? How to make them understand this without exposing them to harsh realities they may not be ready to know? Veganism should be explained in the kindest yet most practical way possible. Our children must be able to understand why their parents have chosen this lifestyle even if the alternatives seem more appealing, like eating meat or drinking sugar-packed sodas. As a vegan parent, you must not expect your kids to figure veganism out...

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Vegan Schools: Where This is Happening, How They Work, and Anything Else You Need to Know

These are great days for vegan parents who are sharing this lifestyle with their kids. More and more schools are jumping onto the wagon of sustainability and a greener nutrition. This is remarkably good news that most parents cheer on. There are regular schools where meat and highly processed foods continue to be served to kids. Then we have other schools that decided to implement vegan dishes on their menus. Finally, we have a thin margin where 100% vegan schools are emerging in full force. This is the reality we have right now and should be glad for it. However, there are many questions that continue to be unanswered. The shift is happening but taking its time, especially in the...

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Vegan Resorts: A Real Trend that is Booming

Vegans love to travel. We want to know new places, especially when they allow us to get closer to nature. Go camping or staying at a cabin in the woods, for example, getting far away from the city can be really exciting. However, when traveling with our partners or families, enjoying our vacations at a fancy resort sounds appealing as well. But what about vegan resorts? Are these a valid option? The concept of the vegan resort has been growing over time, now becoming a steady trend among vegans and curious travelers who dare to try new things. In the following lines, we’ll talk about the vegan resorts trend, the food, activities, and how this has become an option for...

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What To Do When Your Vegan Kids Get a Party Invitation

You may be tired of hearing that the biggest challenge parents do have with their vegan kids is the exterior influence, the unexpected and the social pressure. Maintaining the routine and lifestyle outside the house is not going to be easy as all kinds of situations may interfere, posing big challenges that only patient parents will be able to beat. One of those social situations is parties, just like birthday parties that are so frequent in childhood. The well-known format is one that you may have experienced yourself in your youth, even if you are vegan now. A gathering full of kids playing around and eating sweet treats and drinking sugar-packed juices and sodas. A dreading situation for any vegan...

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The Sainsbury’s/Asda Merger and Veganism: What You Need to Know

As a vegan in the UK, you’re probably wondering where is the best place to get fresh, healthy products from a legit and transparent eco-friendly origin. Generally, supermarket chains do a below-average job satisfying the demands of vegan customers, who require top-quality products. The search for this may result in an endless task, something we vegans know from experience. That’s why when the recent Sainsbury’s/Asda merger went public, even vegans felt like this news would affect them somehow. Would such move benefit the clients who prefer clean eating and conscious products? These UK chains are big enough to make us think about the ways they influence our shopping habits and preferences. We’re always expecting changes that make life easier for...

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