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Raising a Vegan Baby: Everything You Need to Know

Having the desire of raising a vegan baby is quite normal for parents who practice and live by this philosophy. There are many reasons why we should do the effort to raise our children as vegans. However, this is a difficult and confusing journey in many ways. The challenges are abundant but so are the rewards. As a responsible, loving parent, you certainly want the very best for your children. That’s exactly why you are thinking in raising them as vegans, laying the foundations for a conscious, healthier life. But with this decision, many doubts may arise. In the following lines, we’ll talk about the key aspects you need to understand about raising a vegan baby. Is It Possible (and...

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Vegan Meals at School: Do You Count On It or Do You Stick to the Pack Lunch?

Vegan parents are more and more committed these days to providing a solid, conscious nutrition to their children. The efforts go beyond what they eat at home, trying hard to keep the experience consistent, something that includes what kids eat at the school. Fortunately, the number of schools that are offering vegan meals to students is increasing. While these schools continue to be a minority, the alternatives are there. In the UK, students can either eat what the school’s menu offers or take something packed from home. Having this aspect figured out is essential to parents who seek to guarantee uninterrupted vegan nutrition to their children. While it may be tough to rely entirely on third parties, like the school’s...

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What If Your Kids Don’t Want to be Vegan

Modern vegan parents are finding themselves in front of a serious dilemma: what if their kids decide to leave the vegan lifestyle they have taught when raising them? With more and more parents taking this road, the “unfortunate” situation described above has become relevant, out of the surface, more evident than ever before. For devoted vegans, this may be a tragic situation. Once they reach an age where they can take their own decisions, kids may choose to have a non-vegan diet, trying to leave behind what they were told during their entire childhood. What would happen in such scenario? What would this imply to the parents and their relationship with their sons and daughters? Less than you think, actually....

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Challenges of Being Vegan When Your Partner Isn’t

Going vegan is a personal choice that people may take for multiple reasons. However, getting into this world (and staying in it) requires massive commitment and dedication. But here’s something you may not like to hear: we vegans remain as the minority. This is why isn’t hard to have friends and family who respect our lifestyle but do not share it. They are just fine with their current diets and health choices. Truth be told: this is okay. Thinking otherwise will give us frustration. But when we get into a romantic relationship with someone, the stakes are higher. We’re not going to occasionally see this person but to live with him or her. This means that we’ll share the kitchen...

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