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Alternative to Leather Handbags? Faux and Cork Leather Leading the Charge

It’s time to see the market from an optimistic point of view. Countless businesses are focused on bringing eco-friendly, reliable options to the market, empowering customers who want to enjoy quality goods while making the right, conscious choice for the planet. Every day, we can see how there are more and more options available to us. Truth be told, many of them have been present for a few decades. The difference between then and now is that people are better educated about these topics and many of these products have become dramatically cheaper, more accessible to everyone. This is the case, for example, with genuine leather and cork handbags. Those with the financial capacity to have a quality handbag would...

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Cork Handbags vs Leather Handbags: No More a Hard Choice

For those handbags lovers out there, it is known that eco-friendly fashion in the form of cork handbags have been competing for a long time with the genuine leather option. The vast majority of the market has always chosen leather handbags over the conscious alternative but tides are turning. In the last few decades, eco-friendly companies, especially in the fashion industry, have disrupted the market and altered the perception of products that are environmentally responsible. The customers, who are now more educated than ever before, worry about the impact the companies they pay to are causing in the environment. And with that, amazing products as cork handbags have found a perfect opportunity. But the showdown continues. By the end of...

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Is Cork Leather Durable?

With new options in the market, fresh doubts appear in the horizon. That’s exactly what happened with eco-friendly materials in the last few decades. The apparition of wonderful crafting materials as cork leather has created some of these questions. While it’s true that cork has been present in our lives for many decades, cork leather is fairly new and its penetration in the market continues to be somehow shy. Cork leather, which presents itself as a viable alternative to leather, grows in terms of use these days. At the same pace, the public starts making questions regarding its quality, looks, and durability. Today we are going to talk about the latter. People who aren’t familiar or don’t own products made...

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Vegan and Cheap: Is It Possible in Fashion?

During the last decade, we have seen how many eco-friendly trends in fashion have arisen. Even big luxury brands have embraced the idea, investing considerable interest in making vegan clothing lines. Unfortunately, luxurious or not, vegan clothing isn’t cheap. In fashion, we are used to having a wide array of options, from the cheap brands that everybody knows and uses to the high-end brands that only the rich get to wear. The options are there and cheap clothing these days doesn’t translate immediately in terrible quality. Yet, vegan clothing and accessories seem to be outside of this equation. At first sight, they are pricier and those brands that argue to be "equally accessible" often are hiding something about their products....

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Paying More for Quality Is the Smartest Financial Choice

Admit it: at least once you have had chosen a product over another because of its price and later regret that decision. The old adage is as real as it gets: buy cheap, buy twice. Beyond buying responsible, which is our main topic as a vegan brand, you must also buy smart and conscious about the financial consequences. Unfortunately, choosing the cheapest options is neither. In today's world, paying more for quality is taking the smartest choice. Highly industrialized processed often reduce the real quality in many products, being their price tag a clear evidence of this. We are not saying that cheap products are bad products at all but there is an undisputed link. Price is something that vegan...

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