Cork Handbags vs Leather Handbags: No More a Hard Choice

For those handbags lovers out there, it is known that eco-friendly fashion in the form of cork handbags have been competing for a long time with the genuine leather option. The vast majority of the market has always chosen leather handbags over the conscious alternative but tides are turning.

In the last few decades, eco-friendly companies, especially in the fashion industry, have disrupted the market and altered the perception of products that are environmentally responsible.

The customers, who are now more educated than ever before, worry about the impact the companies they pay to are causing in the environment.

And with that, amazing products as cork handbags have found a perfect opportunity.

But the showdown continues. By the end of the day, what is better between cork handbags and leather ones? Which one will give you a better experience in the long run?

Price Isn’t the Debate No More

Let’s begin with pricing. Before, reading “vegan bags” was the same thing as “luxurious, exclusive bags”.

Because this industry was underdeveloped, businesses found great challenges in terms of costs. They found impossible to reduce the product’s production cost to the point of being able to offer it at an accessible price.

At the same time, the leather industry was at its best. The industry enjoyed highly-efficient industrial processes that reduced costs dramatically. While genuine leather continued to be quite expensive, it felt like it was reasonable, having in mind the “quality” of the material. Therefore, most customers chose leather-made products regardless of other options that were available.

But now a cork purse can be produced efficiently. This translates into more competitive prices, even cheaper ones in comparison with products made of genuine leather.

Always Clean, Always Good-Looking

Having a cork purse is a lot more than contributing to the environment; it is being practical.

Thanks to this material’s wonderful properties, we can enjoy products that are waterproof. This doesn’t only mean that our belongings are always safe from the elements but also that the cleaning process is easier and doesn’t come with any negative consequences.

In the particular case of genuine leather bags and other products made of this material, using water and soap may end up causing visible damage to the material.

The exact same thing happens with stains. Because of the material’s characteristics, we can consider cork leather as stain-resistant, which is not particularly the case with genuine leather.

These superb properties help cork handbags to always look good, no matter what, and to last longer than other options in the market.

Lightness and Comfort

Continuing on the path of practicability, it’s time to talk about the comfort provided by vegan bags. It turns out that cork leather is a very light material. This isn’t only in comparison with genuine leather.

Therefore, what we enjoy with cork handbags is great lightness and comfort. Cork is light by nature, meaning that we will end up with a final product that is easier, more comfortable to carry around.

Making the Right Choice for the Environment

If it looks good, lasts longer, and feels amazing, why there are any doubts?

This is the case for cork handbags.

Nowadays, choosing a vegan bag over the destructive leather alternative is the smartest option. When you purchase an eco-friendly product like this one, you are also contributing to the movements that are fighting every day to reduce the damage that the environment suffers.

While cork handbags are produced without generating any impact on the environment, the leather industry has devastating effects that cannot be reversed. The toxic chemicals that are needed to treat genuine leather are one of the main factors why choosing the cork alternative is so important.

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