Cork Leather is Trending Up In the Vegan Fashion

There is something that many in the vegan lifestyle must admit despite it isn’t pretty. For decades, people have enjoyed vegan fashion in the wrong way. Materials as faux leather and fur, just to give two isolated examples, were widely used in this segment while being advertised as eco-friendly.

However, they aren’t that eco-friendly. In fact, these synthetic products involve a heavy use of chemicals in their manufacture, causing great harm to the environment. Yes, they probably do a lot less damage that genuine leather and hides but considering them “appropriate” for vegan purposes is a whole different story.

Yet, the tables were turned with the widespread of cork leather, a material that is truly capable of delivering the right results.

Awareness on the Rise

Just like it happened with unethical materials, people became aware of the problem that synthetic materials imply for the environment. Therefore, an appropriate substitute was the priority. Cork leather has been around for a while now, even as much time as faux leather. However, it didn’t enjoy too much popularity, especially in terms of vegan fashion.

Fortunately, the same traction generated by aware customers that didn’t want eco-friendly clothes and accessories that weren’t as conscious as expected brought cork leather to light.

Looks Good, Feels Good

Every year, vegan fashion experiences massive growth. New technologies are developed and implemented with the goal of making vegan efforts more efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly, aligned with the big purposes.

These advancements allowed the industry to transform, over the years, the cork leather into a more attractive material. Now we can see it in all kinds of clothes and accessories. This material looks fantastic and delivers a special feel.

Things like durability and protection against stains or dust, which are relevant yet often ignored factors, are also superb when it comes to cork leather.

Vegan Fashion Has Chosen Cork as the Trailblazer

Because it’s way too difficult to accuse cork leather of being contaminant or unethical, businesses involved with vegan fashion seem to be taking the most logical decision: choosing this material as the trailblazer, the spearhead, the face at the vanguard.

Genuine leather, fur, wool, and even silk continue to be highly demanded in fashion. International campaigns to create consciousness have accomplished great things. Nevertheless, plenty of people continue to put their money on the unethical options. However, there is a weak spot.

Vegan fashion was previously considered by some as unreliable and expensive. Producing truly eco-friendly materials was difficult, which increased the prices, and the durability wasn’t exceptional. Now, technology has achieved many great things in this field.

Cork leather represents one of the top materials for vegan fashion these days and the reasons are obvious. With today’s tools and resources, this material can easily beat genuine leather in terms of durability, look, and feel. Also, more sustainable and flexible processes to produce it has reduced its cost.

The reason why this material is trending in the vegan fashion is plain simple: it looks good, feels good, and sends the right message. Today, we enjoy an unprecedented ability to communicate. Internet gave us that and now we are using it to create a consciousness around dressing responsibly.

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