Paying More for Quality Is the Smartest Financial Choice

Admit it: at least once you have had chosen a product over another because of its price and later regret that decision. The old adage is as real as it gets: buy cheap, buy twice. Beyond buying responsible, which is our main topic as a vegan brand, you must also buy smart and conscious about the financial consequences. Unfortunately, choosing the cheapest options is neither.

In today's world, paying more for quality is taking the smartest choice. Highly industrialized processed often reduce the real quality in many products, being their price tag a clear evidence of this. We are not saying that cheap products are bad products at all but there is an undisputed link.

Price is something that vegan business always care about, sometimes too much. Eco-friendly products want to bring the most value to the table, providing the highest quality possible and make the products to last longer than the competition. That's why today we'll share some thoughts on price.

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

Paying less today is worth the chance of paying again tomorrow for the exact same thing? When we say that buying cheap is practically the same as buying twice, we are referring to quality and durability.

When manufacturers produce cheap products, they are using cheap materials that come with low-quality standards. Quality and durability are directly linked. In fact, this can also happen in the vegan sector as well. Considering the quality of the materials used is paramount if we don't want a product that will be broken after a while.

Buy Twice, Pollute Twice

There is a side of buying twice that most shoppers aren't seeing. Our world is suffering from great pollution problems and these are becoming bigger and bigger. One of the reasons for this is that the consumption of physical goods increases over time. Landfills are everywhere, representing the traumatizing reflection of a potential future among waste.

When we choose a high-quality product that ensures durability, we are also slowing down the fast-paced creation of new waste and further pollution. This way, we are not contributing to the creation of bigger landfills, domestic and overseas, in order to deposit junk and poison the soil. Being unconscious in this matter is what generates massive stockpiles of garbage in front of people's houses on a weekly basis.

As a society, we need to leave behind our role as polluting agents and getting durable goods is one way to do it.

Buy Once, Buy Responsibly

We went from buy cheap, buy twice to buy once, buy responsibly. If you think about it, you wouldn't even have to spend more money in order to make a conscious choice. As we mentioned before, cheap comes with a cost. You are not saving money. In fact, you are spending a lot more in the long run.

Those who believe in vegan shopping know by experience that the smart decision in this matter can lead to save more money and help the environment to heal.

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