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Why Wooden Fountain Pens are Ideal for a Perfect Balance

Since a while ago, wooden fountain pens have been causing a serious disruption in the market. We are talking about a product that takes the best of two worlds: ecologic awareness and style. Talking about a fountain pen is talking about elegance and elitism. The latter seems to be as far as possible from consciousness. However, it’s not the case here. Today, a fountain pen fine nib can also mean an eco-friendly purchase. We are taking important steps in the transition from an unethical market to more conscious consumption. If you choose to write elegantly with a fountain pen, you can always have an eco-friendly option. It’s all about the perfect balance. Consciousness and Elegance In few occasions, we can...

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Trendy Vintage Products with an Eco-Friendly Spirit: The New Fashion

In the restless search for new products and accessories, it’s hard to ignore how the vintage culture is earning more and more popularity. Unlike other fashion trends, vintage has been around for decades, captivating those users that love the long-lasting scent of years before. The vintage design achieves to capture the best from other decades, creating products that are both fascinating and elegant, like vintage fountain pens. However, the vintage culture is much more than reminiscing the best from the early days, from previous decades which had their own identities. Today, we are going to talk about how vintage-designed products are also being known for their eco-friendly spirit, their will and potential to save the environment and preserve in good...

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Bamboo Is Saving the Planet: Things You Must Know

Bamboo is one of the most interesting elements we can find in nature. It’s hard to tell where all the popular interest is coming from lately, because bamboo is a plant that has been always present, also being a vital raw material for many things that we have been enjoying for centuries. However, bamboo is now experiencing a big shift in terms of uses and applications. Many industries are now considering this natural material more seriously, understanding that, for many different reasons, it can be a sustainable way to steady manufacture without sacrificing quality or practicability Can bamboo, a plant that has been around for thousands of years, save our planet from global warming and other climate-related threats? Something like...

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London is burning! How the nature is protecting us?

Video Highlights 00:08 - Heatwave in England00:29 - Level of pollution00:50 - Wooden sunglasses made of bamboo01:14 - The 5 main properties about bamboo and its impact on the planet01:25 - Bamboo, Renewable resource02:15 - Bamboo, Absorbs greenhouse gases02:38 - Bamboo, Very little waste03:05 - Bamboo, No agricultural chemicals needed03:35 - Bamboo, Economic Development Video Transcript Hi guys! How are you? Laurent Bleu from FRiLuk. So yeah London is burning! Oh my god what is this heatwave? Let me take out the sunglasses... This is absolutely crazy...We live in England with my family more or less for 2 years, 2 years and a half, and oh my gosh! That's kind of really hot for England!Anyway, I was thinking...yeah with this...

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