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It Has Never Been Easier to Shop Vegan Brands

Those who have adopted a vegan living many years ago may know well how difficult it was to find and shop vegan brands. Depending on where they live, some products are harder to find than others. This may happen with all kinds of products, not only with the vegan ones. However, it’s especially true with the later. The vegan living has never been too mainstream. Nowadays, this lifestyle is enjoying a notable popularity, becoming an attractive choice for many who seek well-being and more ethical alternatives. Before, this wasn’t exactly the case. The truth is that it has never been easier to shop vegan brands. The reasons may vary but all of them point out in the exact same direction....

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Belts Are Back To Fashion

Nowadays, many people still don't see belts as a must-have for their style and looks. Truth be told, a few years ago this accessory was far more popular and note-worthy than today. However, just like it happens with most clothing and accessory trends, it turns out that belts are back to fashion. In the last few years, we have seen how runways all around the world have used belts, even vegan belts, with the aims of establishing new fashion trends, something that most fashionistas have accepted. What is happening to belts in these days of fashion revolution? How is a trend from the past returning now? Which is the role of the vegan belt now? An Old Fashion Trend that...

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Is All Jewellery Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans?

The conscious revolution that many industries are experiencing has also influenced the jewellery sector. There is no shortage of demand when it comes to bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and watches, which implies a constant supply of materials that come from unethical sources. In several ways, jewellery represents one of the most environment-harming industries, also killing countless animals every year. Conscious customers have been looking for an alternative and the strongest option in this regard is the vegan jewellery. This eco-friendly option represents an effective way to dress well without ignoring what is happening to our planet or being part of the problem. Nonetheless, customers need to be aware as many vegan jewellery products aren’t what they meant to be. Before...

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Why Designing Innovative Cork Wallets?

We are on a mission… promoting cruelty free fashion accessories and encourage an end to animal exploitation and suffering. Many organizations, brands or individuals work every day with the same passion and determination; the veganism movement is rising every year, which is great news.  This said we are mindful that it has never been easy to convince people to change their lifestyle… What we definitely do not tolerate is letting determination turning into conflicts: we must respect everybody’s choices. Every day, the vegan community pushes its message out, trying its best to reach as many people as it can, but what if we could do it in a different way? The suffering of animals and the impact on the environment...

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Bamboo Is Saving the Planet: Things You Must Know

Bamboo is one of the most interesting elements we can find in nature. It’s hard to tell where all the popular interest is coming from lately, because bamboo is a plant that has been always present, also being a vital raw material for many things that we have been enjoying for centuries. However, bamboo is now experiencing a big shift in terms of uses and applications. Many industries are now considering this natural material more seriously, understanding that, for many different reasons, it can be a sustainable way to steady manufacture without sacrificing quality or practicability Can bamboo, a plant that has been around for thousands of years, save our planet from global warming and other climate-related threats? Something like...

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