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Why Wooden Fountain Pens are Ideal for a Perfect Balance

Since a while ago, wooden fountain pens have been causing a serious disruption in the market. We are talking about a product that takes the best of two worlds: ecologic awareness and style. Talking about a fountain pen is talking about elegance and elitism. The latter seems to be as far as possible from consciousness. However, it’s not the case here. Today, a fountain pen fine nib can also mean an eco-friendly purchase. We are taking important steps in the transition from an unethical market to more conscious consumption. If you choose to write elegantly with a fountain pen, you can always have an eco-friendly option. It’s all about the perfect balance. Consciousness and Elegance In few occasions, we can...

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French, Cheese and Wine? The true reason for choosing cork fabric

Video Highlights 00:10 - The fabric we use at FRiLuk00:37 - The known about cork01:00 - Brief overview of the cork harvesting process01:28 - How does the cork fabric feel02:13 - What's really cool about cork02:55 - Focus on the uniqueness of the cork03:45 - What is great about being unique04:40 - Example of a purse made of natural cork05:00 - Challenge of customer expectations05:45 - The reality and beauty of wooden or cork products06:20 - Quality vs Natural07:00 - FRiLuk is the first to release an aluminium and cork credit card holder07:31 - The sun is shining :-) Video Transcript Hi guys, Laurent Bleu from FRiLuk, so in today's video I want to talk a little bit more why...

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