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Girls and Moms Are All About Charm Bracelets

Without a doubt, charm bracelets are quite special. There have been around for a while now, embellishing wrists all around the world. These accessories are appealing, gorgeous, and, of course, charming. We can see them more and more often, being extraordinary pieces of jewellery that most women desire. The rich offer of materials makes them a great option for everyone, made of mining byproducts and other more conscious alternatives. Today, we want to focus on the conscious option, accessories that care for the world we live in. However, the charm bracelets aren’t the only ones that care the most but those who wear them. There is a fever among both girls and moms, a trend that is being shared beyond...

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The Durability of Belts Made of Cork

When the idea of getting a vegan belt crosses someone’s mind, one of the first questions may be regarding its durability. Not its look, not its feel, but its durability. Probably, the origin of this recurrent question is the misinformation about eco-friendly materials like cork fabric, widely used in fashion these days (at least in conscious fashion). The good news is that cork, and in this case vegan belts made of cork fabric, are particularly durable, even more than their leather counterparts. The traditional material, which is an animal byproduct, doesn’t enjoy some of the key benefits that are present in the eco-friendly option. But why exactly we feel confident of saying that belts made of cork are extraordinary durable?...

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Vegan Can Now Be Synonym of Sustainability (Thanks to Cork)

The vegan lifestyle has found plenty of resistance on the road. Capable companies in industries like leather, fur, wool, exotic wood and meat, and precious gems have always invested in the perennial fight against the more conscious alternative. Products that make little to no harm to the environment or are being produced without killing or mistreating animals are the right option for most. However, the objections were always more noteworthy than the benefits, this due to big efforts coming from unethical agents. One of the issues with vegan products in fashion, for example, was an apparent lack of sustainability. This was the usual argument. Nevertheless, this is now something from the past and we must thank cork. This marvellous material...

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It Has Never Been Easier to Shop Vegan Brands

Those who have adopted a vegan living many years ago may know well how difficult it was to find and shop vegan brands. Depending on where they live, some products are harder to find than others. This may happen with all kinds of products, not only with the vegan ones. However, it’s especially true with the later. The vegan living has never been too mainstream. Nowadays, this lifestyle is enjoying a notable popularity, becoming an attractive choice for many who seek well-being and more ethical alternatives. Before, this wasn’t exactly the case. The truth is that it has never been easier to shop vegan brands. The reasons may vary but all of them point out in the exact same direction....

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What Makes Cork Bracelets So Unique

In the last few years, we have seen how bracelets, both in the cases of men and women, have become a mandatory accessory that enhances almost every single look. Some bracelets are simply more good looking and stylish than others. But for a lot of people lately, this is not enough; they need unique bracelets that truly make a difference and catch everyone’s attention. But where to find such unique bracelets? Is this possible at a time when these accessories seem to be everywhere? The answer is going conscious, is taking better decisions for ourselves and the world. Now let’s explain this. Replacing the Standard Leather bracelets are well known because of their great looks and durability. These have been...

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