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Cork Leather is Trending Up In the Vegan Fashion

There is something that many in the vegan lifestyle must admit despite it isn’t pretty. For decades, people have enjoyed vegan fashion in the wrong way. Materials as faux leather and fur, just to give two isolated examples, were widely used in this segment while being advertised as eco-friendly. However, they aren’t that eco-friendly. In fact, these synthetic products involve a heavy use of chemicals in their manufacture, causing great harm to the environment. Yes, they probably do a lot less damage that genuine leather and hides but considering them “appropriate” for vegan purposes is a whole different story. Yet, the tables were turned with the widespread of cork leather, a material that is truly capable of delivering the right...

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Vegan Purses on the Rise: A Trend that Is Not Exclusive to Vegans

It's impossible to ignore how vegan purses are becoming a modern fashion trend with nothing to envy to related others. These eco-friendly accessories, made with materials that cause no harm to the environment or to any animals, are now slowly replacing traditional products made of leather and fur. The changes in the customers' mindset may be a result of restless campaigning for consciousness and ecologic awareness. Now, we have plenty to celebrate. We are seeing how not only vegans are choosing vegan purses. Instead, more traditional shoppers, those with no problems to pay for leather or other animal byproducts, are choosing eco-friendly accessories. Purses, just like the cork wallet, are becoming the spearhead in this long-lasting quest to create consciousness...

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Cork: Still Unknown by Vegan Wallet Customers

In the last few decades, the eco-friendly fashion industry has been evolving at an accelerated pace, everything in order to satisfy a more humane, conscious customer base. However, most inventions and developments remain in the shadows for those who don't follow the news closely. Great inventions like cork fabric to replace vegan leather continue to be a little-known fact for many. Without a doubt, this hurts the entire industry as customers shop blindly. In terms of eco-friendly fashion and accessories, the cork may be one of the top materials. Did you know it? What Is Cork and Its Use as Vegan Leather Cork is a material that comes from the cork oak tree, an abundant species in several regions of the...

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Why Designing Innovative Cork Wallets?

We are on a mission… promoting cruelty free fashion accessories and encourage an end to animal exploitation and suffering. Many organizations, brands or individuals work every day with the same passion and determination; the veganism movement is rising every year, which is great news.  This said we are mindful that it has never been easy to convince people to change their lifestyle… What we definitely do not tolerate is letting determination turning into conflicts: we must respect everybody’s choices. Every day, the vegan community pushes its message out, trying its best to reach as many people as it can, but what if we could do it in a different way? The suffering of animals and the impact on the environment...

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Cork Going Endangered? A Toxic Myth You Cannot Believe

In the last few decades, the society has become more aware of the great deal of damage that many industries have done to the environment. As a direct result of this, we now live in an unpredictable world, at least in a climate sense. More and more people are identifying some manufactured products with the contaminations of lakes and sea, the ruthless slaughter of many species, and the destruction of entire forests. However, we cannot leave fact-less myths to affect us. One of the most counterproductive myths in this sense is that cork is going endangered and that its production creates a highly negative impact on the environment. Let’s understand the details. The Myth While most industries take their tolls...

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