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Why Wooden Fountain Pens are Ideal for a Perfect Balance

Since a while ago, wooden fountain pens have been causing a serious disruption in the market. We are talking about a product that takes the best of two worlds: ecologic awareness and style. Talking about a fountain pen is talking about elegance and elitism. The latter seems to be as far as possible from consciousness. However, it’s not the case here. Today, a fountain pen fine nib can also mean an eco-friendly purchase. We are taking important steps in the transition from an unethical market to more conscious consumption. If you choose to write elegantly with a fountain pen, you can always have an eco-friendly option. It’s all about the perfect balance. Consciousness and Elegance In few occasions, we can...

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How to Use a Fountain Pen

This is one of the most common questions amongst curious people and stationery lovers. Enjoying of wooden fountain pens, fine pieces of human cunning and craftiness, is a unique experience, one that makes us wonder about elegant and inspired men and women out there that continue to be so devoted to these accessories. Wooden fountain pens aren’t easy to use properly. There are many moving parts. It isn’t only about just writing well. Instead, it’s the whole package: from drawing lines at will and keeping it in good shape. An Elegant Art There is a whole art behind using a fountain pen. While it may seem intimidating at first for those who haven’t tried yet, the reality is that it’s...

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Why is a Fountain Pen the Preferred Pen for Executives

For many decades, even centuries, the fountain pen has been a quite exquisite accessory, a synonym of elegance, good taste, and dedication. This is a trend that lives on. We can see, in photos from the past, the fountain pen is present as an accessory for highly relevant people, men and women of power and grit. Executive pens have always been something proper for successful business people, politicians, and academics. There is something magical, something authentic about it. But what is it? Why is a fountain pen the preferred pen for executives? A Break from the Digital Realm Truth be told, smart executives and other men and women in power realize that they need a break from the digital world...

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