The Origin of the Fleur de Lis and Why It Fits with Veganism

The fleur de lis is a symbol that we all know, at least superficially. While it’s true that most people ignore what it means or where it comes from, everyone has seen it in one occasion or another. In fact, we dare to say that the fleur de lis is one of the most ancient stylized symbols in the human civilization. In terms of inspiration and meaning, the symbol evokes a golden lily, a precious flower.

If we dig in European history, we’ll see this symbol in very ancient temples and pieces of art. Fleur de lis jewelry was also a big thing, present in ornaments used by the royalty, prominent religious figures, and the military.

But do we know its origin? Let’s review what we understand so far.

An Unclear Origin

What adds more mystery around the fleur de lis is the fact that its origin is not quite clear. There are many solid theses about it but it’s always hard to tell. Archeologists have found this symbol in unlikely civilizations like early Babylonian and Egyptian, which are far from those we supposed as the very origin.

A highly popular legend about the origin of this symbol tells that the angels gave King Clovis of the Franks a golden lily. The same legend tells that the golden lily was the result of Eve’s tears when she left the Eden. There are a couple more legends related to King Clovis, who governed the region between 466 and 511.

A Royal Symbol

Since its early apparitions, the fleur de lis has been involved with the royalty, especially with the French. Charlemagne, the great European emperor that continue to amaze historians, used it widely. Fleur de lis jewelry was now very common in that moment.

The Roman Catholic Church and its Popes also adopted the symbol and used it in banners, clothing, jewelry, architecture, and weaponry. This is one of the possible reasons why there was a strong connection between the French royalty and the Church at the time.

As expected, the fleur de lis traveled all across Europe, even crossing the Atlantic and arriving North America. Early French settlements in today’s Quebec used it proudly and as a proof, the fleur de lis is the motive in Quebec’s modern flag.

The Fleur de Lis and Veganism

It may sound strange to relate the fleur de lis and veganism, but supporters of this idea have a good argument. Maybe modern fleur de lis jewelry and similar products aren’t explicit enough but this symbol carries, in its mere origin, a powerful message about nature.

A small yet beautiful flower was able to capture the fascination of millions many centuries ago, the most powerful minorities. Vegan accessories, many times based on natural elements, try to transmit this message. The environment around us is precious and fascinating.

The fleur de lis and many kinds of vegan accessories have a handful of extraordinary possibilities to inspire and captivate. This symbol, which continues to be very valid and forceful, must be used in modern vegan accessories not only to keep the rich, colorful tradition alive but also to inspire new generation with a foolproof invention of humankind.

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