What Does Fleur de Lis Mean?

The fleur de lis symbol is not something new, not at all. It has been around for many centuries, even before symbols that we consider fundamental for the humanity, like those that today represent religion in its many forms.

However, the fleur de lis has particular implications that are hard to ignore. This symbol goes beyond religion or society values and everything for one single reason: the mystery around it.

Many people have been questioning the meaning of this symbol and some historians by profession have proposed credible theses about it. However, doubts continue to be significantly abundant.

Ideas About Its Origin

It seems like everyone agrees on that the very origin of the fleur de lis is medieval France, way before it became the nation that we all know. Clovis I became the King of the Franks and created what was known as Frankia.

He was exceptionally important in the European history, being the precursor of many elements in our development as societies, like the European-style monarchy system that gave a clear structure to western nations for centuries.

And just like any other exceptional character from the past, there are many legends around his feats and adventures. A few of those legends directly involve the first apparition of the fleur de lis symbol in an explicit way.

The first legend tells that the angels gave him a golden lily, which is the flower on which the fleur de lis symbol is clearly based on. This golden flower was made of Eve’s tears in the moment she had to left Eden.

The second legend, which is a little more credible, tells that King Clovis I decided to adopt this stylized flower painted in gold after a group of lilies magically showed him the safest way to cross a river during a battle, ultimately allowing him to win it.

Of course, both legends are part of European folklore but it becomes obvious to believe that the very origin of the fleur de lis symbol is Frankish, an idea that can be easily reinforced by its usage in posterior centuries.

A Fierce Yet Royal Spirit

Centuries after King Clovis I’s role, the fleur de lis was broadly adopted by the regional royal families and courts, military corps, and the Catholic church. It was present in vegan jewellery, luxury garments, and war equipment.

While the symbol was elegant and graceful, it also resembled a spearhead, giving it another powerful meaning in terms of fierceness and military supremacy. It was present in banners during the war, as we can see in Charlemagne’s representations.

Its Modern Use

French culture continues to be closely bonded to the fleur de lis. We can see it in art, fashion, and politics. For example, Quebec’s flag uses it since its early days as a colony. But beyond France, this symbol has become much more.

Vegan jewellery, for example, is using this symbol to transmit a lavish yet conscious message about nature. While people believe that vegan jewellery is old fashioned and insipid, they do it from the dark, lacking facts. The fleur de lis adds elegance and brings renewed popularity to accessories in this conscious lifestyle.

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