Why is a Fountain Pen the Preferred Pen for Executives

For many decades, even centuries, the fountain pen has been a quite exquisite accessory, a synonym of elegance, good taste, and dedication. This is a trend that lives on. We can see, in photos from the past, the fountain pen is present as an accessory for highly relevant people, men and women of power and grit.

Executive pens have always been something proper for successful business people, politicians, and academics. There is something magical, something authentic about it. But what is it? Why is a fountain pen the preferred pen for executives?

A Break from the Digital Realm

Truth be told, smart executives and other men and women in power realize that they need a break from the digital world if they want to remain conscious and capable of making important decisions along the way.

The abundant digital tools that we have at hand make our lives easier and more productive. However, they also cause important fatigue, something that leads us to poor mental performance and other issues.

The executive pens are a real, effective escape from that hazard. Choosing from vintage fountain pens in these days is an elegant fix to the problem.

Elegance at its Best

Talking about elegance, we must say that executive pens are exquisite accessories worth the investment. Business people need to give the right impression when the time comes. Meetings and networking situations, for example, require giving an outstanding impression of ourselves in every single moment, opening new opportunities with the right people.

Using vintage fountain pens these days is ideal to complement our elegant outfit and deliver a stunning impression. Your future relationships will appreciate this.

A Talent for the Committed Ones

Successful executives are known for being obsessed people regarding little things, even those details that may seem irrelevant. Now, mastering the art of writing with vintage fountain pens is something that truly reflects commitment. This is a practice that requires patience but, in the end, it’s worth the dedication.

Writing with executive pens is a spectacular act, drawing beautiful lines all across the paper. If you are a ballpoint pen user, you will experience a dramatic change, both in terms of fine and thick lines on paper and feel when writing.

Being a Gentleman

The vintage fountain pens are unmistakably related to the gentlemen’s culture. If you are a man with good taste, having your own collection of executive pens is a definitive must.

The good news is that you don’t need to be rich in order to enjoy this kind of luxury. There are many great vintage fountain pens at affordable prices, so this is the right moment to appreciate a great accessory.

Choosing the Vintage Way

Truth be told, the executive pens are also changing with time, becoming modern and inspired by new design trends. However, the savvy way is to stick with vintage fountain pens, those that capture the original and elegant style.

Another benefit of these classic models is that they have the most appropriate form factor and deliver the very best experience when writing and drawing.

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