Why Wooden Fountain Pens are Ideal for a Perfect Balance

Since a while ago, wooden fountain pens have been causing a serious disruption in the market. We are talking about a product that takes the best of two worlds: ecologic awareness and style. Talking about a fountain pen is talking about elegance and elitism. The latter seems to be as far as possible from consciousness. However, it’s not the case here.

Today, a fountain pen fine nib can also mean an eco-friendly purchase. We are taking important steps in the transition from an unethical market to more conscious consumption. If you choose to write elegantly with a fountain pen, you can always have an eco-friendly option. It’s all about the perfect balance.

Consciousness and Elegance

In few occasions, we can see how real consciousness based on ethics and social commitment, meets with gentlemen-like elegance. The fountain pen has always been associated with powerful businessmen and women, romantic writers, and society-shifting thinkers. However, we can now associate that world with true awareness about nature and its threats.

A wooden fountain pen replaces all the plastic and synthetic materials by adding a wooden body, a fully biodegradable material that requires no chemical treatment during its manufacture. This represents the greener process possible in the industry, the balance between elegance and ethics.

All pens, including fountain pens fine nib, are mostly made of plastic. This material is possibly the biggest enemy of nature. It doesn’t biodegrade and is impossible to destroy entirely. Recycling has seemed to be the only possible option out there but it isn’t as effective and efficient as we could expect.

Beautiful Writing

But why to choose a fountain pen? Let’s put aside the eco-friendly factor for a moment and focus on this product’s wonders. Why choose such a product? Fountain pens allow us to write beautifully after a while when we finally learn the proper technique.

This level of precious handwriting is only possible when using a fountain pen, a tool that automatically adds style when placing our thoughts on paper. This is a fact that goes beyond the wooden fountain pen.

The Next Generation of Fountain Pens

Millennials are conscious by nature. We are seeing how the youth are leading the change towards a more conscious and ethical world. That’s why a new generation of fountain pens is completely necessary, a generation that properly adjusts to millennials and groups alike.

Wooden fountain pens don’t only represent elegance and beautiful handwriting but a serious commitment to change the way we treat the environment. These products are made with some priorities in mind, like reducing the amount of used plastic when possible. Consumers want balance and here they can have it.

This way, pens like this one represent a new, brighter generation that will replace with time the well-known option, present in our lives for some centuries now.

The Bottom Line

With the fountain pen fine nib being replaced with a wooden alternative, we are seeing another proof of the vegan revolution occurring in the heart of our society. Consumers really want to have a more ethical alternative to choose from, dynamizing the markets and moving away from those products that involve animal cruelty, environmental destruction, and even human rights abuse.

With the wooden fountain pen, we’re getting a perfect balance.

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