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Are you allergic to leather?

Video Highlights 00:22 - What people are allergic to00:56 - What chemicals are involved in the leather production01:21 - What is Chromium01:39 - One of the major contact allergens worldwide 02:15 - What the EU has done for regulating the usage of Chromium02:44 - Chromium in the fashion industry03:15 - Making the right choice?04:05 - Impact of leather production on the environment04:20 - Ethical brand?   Video Transcript Hi guys, Laurent Bleu here the founder of FRiLuk and in today's video we are going to talk about people being allergic to leather. Allergic to leather? Yeah.... and I am not referring to people being against the use of animals in the fashion industry. There are people that are genuinely allergic...

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Sustainable Fashion Trends for 2017 Onward

The past few years have offered outstanding achievements for the sustainable fashion industry, one that has faced remarkable challenges in order to survive against big brands’ coercion. But many of those challenges have been left behind and we can now see a brighter future. 2017 is expected to be a great year for sustainable fashion. In this revolution, both multinationals and small companies are now working together hand to hand to deliver an appropriate response to the popular demand. The voices we hear are demanding for eco-friendlier alternatives to modern fashion’s standards and the industry is responding accordingly. What can we expect moving forward? Social Pressure to Improve Landfills Situations In 2017, social pressure on fashion companies to improve landfills...

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From Bark to Wallet: How Cork Fabric is Made?

In the last few years, we have seen how cork fabric became a strong alternative to leather (a material that is making a lost-lasting, irreversible damage to our world). The leather problem isn’t exclusively related to the global-scale slaughter of cattle but also involves the use of highly hazardous chemicals that are harming the environment. Cork fabric has shown as a sustainable solution to the leather problem, replacing this material in the fashion industry, the sector that demands the biggest amount of leather. Even Bentley, a luxury carmaker, used this eco-friendly material in its high-end SUV, the Bentayga. But despite the growth in popularity of this fantastic material, do we know how it gets created before becoming a fashionable vegan...

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Sustainable Fashion: Cork Fabric vs Leather

Our fashion needs are effectively destroying the environment. For many decades, the way we dress has been causing an important damage to the planet. While most industries extract what they need from nature without caring about the consequences, there are conscious manufacturers and consumers that are looking for a change. In the case of fashion, there has been good progress. While leather remains as one of the most precious and expensive materials used to confection accessories like bags and wallets, we are now experiencing a positive mindset shift. The average citizen understands that little actions can lead us to a better future for our fragile environment. Cork fabric is becoming the ideal alternative to leather (a material that looks amazing but...

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FRiLuk, a new brand is born

It is Thursday, the 4th of May 2017, 11:39 AM. I am here sitting at home, writing my very first blog post.  What is it all about? "Why on earth have you decided to quit your corporate job and go sell products made of cork Laurent?", I've been asked this question dozens of time in the past half year... The picture above has been taken during my last business trip as an Executive Manager,  that was the end of my 190,000 miles business trips journey around the World! Well, it is quite simple actually. I dedicated 15 years of my life working in the High Tech industry; of course, I have learned a lot... and I am talking about people here! Thanks to...

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