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About our Fountain Pens

Inspired by an eco-friendly lifestyle, our fountain pens are carefully crafted by skilled artisans making them the perfect writing instrument for people looking for a fountain pen to be used on a daily basis while minimizing the impact on the environment. Primarily designed for writing, many of our customers use them for calligraphy too, or to create authentic & organic hand-drawn script font.

Which cartridge can I use with your fountain pens?

While we encourage people to refill their pens from an ink bottle, we appreciate that sometimes it is easier to use ink cartridges (especially students who quickly need to refill their pens). Our fountain pens are compatible with any standard short size cartridges. Due to the shape of the barrel, long cartridges may not fit. Note that proprietary cartridges from brands such as Parker will not fit.

What ink do you recommend?

We personally have a preference for Waterman fountain pen inks. That said, any ink can be used; so long as they are of reputable quality, you will be able to experience quality writing, every time, without blotching, skipping or leaking. You can also use any colored ink of your choice.

Can I change the nib of your fountain pens?

Our fountain pens come with a fine nib. We have 3 different quality controls to guarantee a smooth writing experience. While technically speaking, the nib can be changed, we do not recommend doing it as it would void your product warranty. If you have more questions about changing the nib of your pen, please contact us:

Can children use your fountain pens?

Absolutely! This is the feedback we have received from one of our lovely customers: "I bought this pen for my 9 year old daughter and since using it I have noticed a huge improvement in her writing."

Can left-handed use your pens?

Yes. We made sure that both left and right handed are able to write with our fountain pens. We asked left-handed people to use our pens and to share with us how their writing experience was. After several attempts and changes in our manufacturing processes, we are happy to say that everybody can now enjoy them!